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3 Traditional Affrican Songs


Beginner Rhythms

Simple to Complex Rhythms

Ricochet 2 Variation

Ni-Yon Matsuri Daiko

Miyake Daiko

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A useful online resource for time-keeping and practice is the Metronome Online. It's a great timekeepr that plays in your browser and also has mobile apps.

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Djole - Traditional African Polyrhythm

Djole – A fully instrumented arrangement of Djole from one of our rehearsal sessions. 23 April 2018. Download 2.5 MB


Bolomba - Traditional African Polyrhythm

Bolomba – The three main djembe patterns of Bolomba, at moderate/slow tempo. Download 2.6 MB

Djole – A simple mix of the three main Bolomba pattens at more natural speed. The three rhythms are fadded in and out. Download 1.1 MB

Check out a more expert rendition of Bolomba with Amara Diabate and his djembe group Houten(NL) (YouTube)


Three Traditional African Songs
Farewell Song, Ajaja, & Kakelambe

Three African Songs – The Three traditional African songs performed together with the breaks and calls. Download 5.2 MB

Farewell Song (Ghana/McMillan)

Farewell Song Patterns – The Main Dejmbe Pattern, Alternate, Call and Break. Download 2.8 MB

Farewell Song – The Song by itself. Download 1.8 MB

Ajaja (Nigeria/Olatunji)

Ajaja Pattern and Song – The Up-tempo straight 6 Dejmbe Pattern. Followed by the song at tempo. Download 3.3 MB

Kakelambe (Mali/Miz Imanni)

Kakelambe Pattern – The Main Djimbe pattern in 4 and 6. Download 1.6 MB

KakeLambe Song – Kakelambe Song with the break and tempo change. Download 2.3 MB


Fanga (Liberia/Olatunji)

Fanga – Fanga with mixed parts, performed with the calls, breaks and tempo changes. Download 2.3 MB


Beginner Rhythms

2/4 (Afro/Middle Eastern Beginner Rhythmn)

2/4 – A basic 4/4 rhythm suitable for African and Middle Eastern drum styles. [ BASE tone-tone Base tone, BASE tone-tone Base tone-tone ] Download 613k


“Children of The Earth” (World/Miz Imani)

Children of the Earth – A Simple pattern with a chant by the same name. Even and formal. [ Base Base tone Base Base tone Base tone ] Download 518k


Simple to Complex Rhythms

Learn to build facility and complex patterns by building with simple basic rhythms.

1-2-3 Rhythm – you might hear around any drum circle. Simple and intuitive – Base, tone-Tone, tone-tone-tone. A variation is to swap in a Base for the second tone.
3-3 Rhythm – a very simple counterpoint of two sets of three – Base, tone-Tone, Base, Tone-tone.

Alternating “Flip” Pattern – Build a complex sounding pattern by playing two simple patterns back-to-back. It’s not really a cheat, it’s a completely legitimate way to build complex rhythms from simple building blocks. Download 4.7 MB

1-4 Rhythm – a slightly syncopated pattern one base, four tones – Base, tone-tone, tone-tone. This is the main pattern used in Olatunji’s Aramelé.
1-2-1 Baseline Rhythm – a base line with a swingy middle eastern vibe, with a filled alternate. Base, tone-base, Tone. The alternate adds one tone - Base, tone-tone-base, Tone.

Three–One Variable Pattern – Make your playing more textured and interesting by swapping out every fourth pattern with a variation, complimentary or contrasting patten. Play three in a row of a pattern, then one of something else. Improvise! Makes you sound like a drumming bad-ass! Download 6.4 MB

In the tracks above, some basic Calls and Breaks are included, so players can get used to hearing them and getting used to sonic drum cues. You're welcome!


Ricochet 2 Variation

A Shangö Original, an experimental layered rhythm with Taiko Accompaniment

The Shangö Ricochet Rythms – composed by group facilitator Bob Margraff, have a back-and-forth stucture of complimentary rhythms.

Main Patterns

Andante - The Two main layers of Ricochet 2 played at a stately 92bpm with metronome. Download 1.8 MB

Moderato - Ricochet 2 patterns played at a moderate 120bpm with metronome. Download 2.3 MB

Allegro - Ricochet 2 played at moderate upbeat 160bpm with metronome. This tempo is about what composer Bob Margraff feels is the rthymn’s “natural” pace. Download 2.6 MB

Flip - The two lead rhythms of Ricochet 2 played alternating, Layer One then Layer Two back and forth – at 92, 120, and 160bpm. Download 4.3 MB

Taiko & Bell Base Line

In one arrangement of the #2 Variation, we added a thumping Taiko Base Line with two tempo bumps to anchor the composition. This recording is the Taiko and Bell alone for the main drums to practice with – Updated 12.7.18 to a more measured and forgiving tempo. [DON don doro Don / DoRo DoRo DoRo DON ] Download 2.3 MB


Ni-Yon Matsuri Daiko

A melding of our base 2/4 rhythm with the taiko classic Matsuri Daiko.

Shangö Drummer Kurt Griffith recently acquired a medium-small Chu Nagano Taiko drum, and discovered that our basic "shakedown" rhythm "2/4" (see above) was nearly identical to the base line of Matsuri Daiko [Festival Drums] that he learned from NY Taiko troupe Soh Daiko. He recorded this blended version - "Ni Yon" means "Two Four." Banzai! Download 1.5 MB


Miyake Daiko

Explorations of the taiko classic Miyake.

Download 3 MB

Download 3 MB

Miyake is a regional taiko rhythm nade famous by Kodo, and since picked up by Taiko groups around the word. We've started experiementing with the shape of it. The two tracks are the Ko-Don Ko-Don baseline or Juichi, and the Main Patterns at two tempos. Kurt is working on learning the solo pieces.

Here's KODO and Kaoru Watanable totally rocking it. (YouTube)

See The Taiko Page for more information



Drum Pattens, Lyrics and Documents for various Shangö projects.

The Drum Patterns for Kurt's Three Traditional African Songs.
Download Word DocxDownload/View PDF

The Drum Patterns for the classic Liberian welcome song.
Download Word DocxDownload/View PDF

Shangö’s Gate Beginner Handout
Introduction to Hand Drumming. Basic rhythms, drum technique, 2/4, Kuku, Baladi, Fanga, Chiftatelli – Marggraf/Griffith
Download/View PDF

Simple Rhythms & Phrases
Drum pattens for basic rhythms: 1-2-3, 3-3, 1-4, 1-2-1, and “Children of The Earth”
Download/View PDF

Ni Yon Matsuri Daiko - Festival Drums & 2/4
Drum pattens for the rhythms for Matsuri Daiko with base rhythm 2/4.
Download/View PDF

Miyake Kuchishoga
Drum pattens for Miyake. In japanese syllabic notation. [ Updated 3/9/19 ]
Download/View PDF

NEW! Taiko Renshu
Basics of Playing Taiko, taiko kuchishogo and the practice rhythm Renshu.
Download/View PDF

See The Taiko Page for more information