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Shangö Percussion YouTube Playlist

YouTube Channel where the Instructional Videos from our Videos Page are hosted. Includes all of Kurt’s Demos and a number of other helpful demos and and inspiring performances.

Dring the Covid-19 Emergency, Kurt has been streaming some Drum Stuff in place of our regular sessions, most of them are avaiable here to re-watch.

SamuraiArtGuy’s Shango Percussion YouTube Playlist

Demos & Instructional Videos

New! – Corona Matsuri Project Introduction – A little trailer and promo introducing the Corona Matsuri Uplift Project with a bunch of crazy drumming! I might be a little out of my mind, but willing have some fun with this and invest a little sweat in trying to put this together. If you’re interested, bored, frustrated, inspired, curious, climbing the walls… you’re all welcome to shake it off, shake it up, and kick in!

Demo Yama-Taiko: Rhythms the basic parts of my original Taiko & World Percussion Composition experiment Yama-Taiko - or ”Mountain Drums.” We have the Baseline or Jiuchi. The Main Line for Hand Drums, which is also the first double length line of the full eight line Yama-Taiko Pattern. The arrangement is designed to have all kinds of drums interacting with Taiko, and celebrate Shangö Percussion’s Mountain Home here in West Virginia. Check out some recordings and a downloadable PDF of the rhythms and arrangements on the Yama-Taiko page.

Demo – Lego Solos Does the idea of performing a solo on a hand drum fill you with deer-in-the-headlights dread? Fear not, here is an easy way to use a set of easy to learn and remember simple rhythm phrases to build drum solos like snapping together legos! We’ll use number descriptions here instead of traditional names to make the phrases easier to remenber. Also check out some recordings and a downloadable PDF on the Recordings & Documents page.

Demo – Serto. A detail breakdown of the somewhat obscure rhythm Serto, which may be an African styled expression of of a Greek rhythm. We take a look at the main rhythm in detail with the handing, and accompanying layers. We also take a look at it's namesake on the Doumbek. Also, check out this version at Tribal Soup Project.

Demo Updated!Bolomba. A detail breakdown of the Bolomba rhythm from Guinea. It is based on a rhythm played on the traditional Guinean instrument the (M’)Bolon. Version 2 - updated to show the rthymn pattern notations on-screen longer [12 Nov 2019].

Demo New!Shangö/Chango – From the folks at Tribal Soup Project, a very approachable version of the Shangö rhythm. Much more accssible than the impressive, but wall-of-sound version of Babatunde Olatunji's recordings. Given that we are Shangö Percusison, certainly a rhythm we ought to embrace!

Demo – The Heartbeat Drum. The Heart Beat rhythm underlies almost every drum pattern. It is essentially quite simple, but by itself has so much silence it can give beginning and intermediate drummers a hard time. The 2-8 Heartbeat is about 90% silence, and can be surprisingly challenging to keep consistent and steady. But everybody has a heart. Ashé!

Cool Stuff3 Essential Djembe/Hand Drum Rhythms for Beginner/Intermediate Level Players A cool set of three djembe rhythms for jamming and Drum Circles. Tresillo (aka Carribean Clave aka Malfuf). A Basic Hip-Hop, and and African/Worldbeat. Enjoy and widen your chops. By Didge Project.

Demo – Learning To Play the Six. A short introduction to the sometimes challenging process of learning to play drum rhythms in Six – 3/4 and 6/8. Simple patterns and three Traditional rhythms, Farewell Song, Ajaja, and Kakelambe.

Fanga – Fanga Djembe Rhythms. A very accessible demo of the traditional base rhythms – with Jonathan Harmor.

Babatunde Olatunji – How to produce the voices of the drum, Gun , Go Do , Pa Ta method. Demonstrated by the great Nigerian drummer, teacher and ambassador of the drum who introduced the syllabic method to the United States. In beautiful detail. Mr. Olatunji introduced West African drum music to the USA in 1959 via his Drums of Passion album. This video is a priceless gift.

Drums in Performance

Miyake Daiko – A very masterful solo perfomance of the traditional Taiko Rythmn Miyake, arranged by Kodo Performed by Kaoru Watanabe with participants in Silkroad's Global Musician Workshop at Tanglewood Music Center, July 2017.

Matsuri Daiko – NYC's Soh Daiko performing their interpretation of the festival rythmn "Matsuri Daiko", Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert Series, New York City

Hayashi-Mamady duo. Grandmasters Mamady Keita (djembeföla) and Eitetsu Hayashi (taiko soloist) – Grandmaster Mamady Keïta djembefola & Eitetsu Hayashi acclaimed Japanese taiko drummer perform at National Theatre of Japan. Thank you to the National Theatre of Tokyo, Japan and to Katsuo Nonoue for giving us the rights to share this amazing video.