A collection of resources for Drummers and other fans of world Percusison. Demos. Rhythms. Where to buy Drums. Useful Tools. Great Performances. Other cool dummers.

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Practice Resources

Rhythms and Notation

Drums and Instruments

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Practice Resources

Metronome Online

A useful online resource for time-keeping and practice is the Metronome Online. It's a great timekeepr that plays in your browser and also has mobile apps available.

Taiko Drum Machine

Another clever resource, Taiko Drum Machine which is a huge boon for solo Taiko Players. It has the ability to create rhythms with traditional taiko sounds that can be programmed, and users can change both the count and beats per minuite. More fun than a basic metronome!

Rhythms and Notation

Paul Nas - WAP Pages

Paul Nas's West African Percussion Pages. An absolutely INSANE interactive Collection of rythyms, presented in a very accessible box notatioon. “Information collected here from many teachers, workshops, books and other media; Each with his or her own ideas and implementation of traditional percussion. Music is alive and constantly evolving! My goal is above all to give a reference book for people who are involved with this music.” – Paul Nas. Part of Paul’s larger site. Site can be slow, but worth your patience,

Book – West African Percussion

A trememdous volume of West African Percussion in Paul Nas's Box Noatation - Downloadable PDF. Contains an incredible number of the West African rthyms from the WAP Pages and others. Just get it.

The Sound of Rhythm

On this website you'll find a lot of traditional African and Latin rhythms collected from teachers and sources around the internet. This site exists as a way to organize, preserve, and pass on this beautiful, transcendental part of human culture. Collection by Justin E.

Djembe Rhythms from West Africa

Norwick Gray's site offers tools and insights to help you learn, understand, and play traditional West African drum beats, especially the djembe (jembe) and dunun (dundun) rhythms of Guinea. He has also compiled the Roots Jam Drum Rhythm and Lesson Books with audio samples. Get the full collection at a FAT discount.

Shango Percussion YouTube Playlist

The YouTube Channel where the Instructional Videos from our Videos Page are hosted. Includes all of Kurt’s Demos and a number of other helpful demos and and inspiring performances.

Dring the Covid-19 Emergency, Kurt has been streaming some Drum Stuff in place of our regular sessions, most of them are avaiable here to re-watch.

SamuraiArtGuy’s Shango Percussion Playlist

Rhythm Soup at Tribal Soup Project

A series of videos by Jesse and Seaweed that introduce different rhythms from cultures around the world. It is a wonderful outlet which gives you the opportunity to learn something new that you can share with others. Videos are apropriate for both the beginner and the more advanced drummer who is looking to expand their knowledge base of rhythms.

Drums and Instruments

EnSoul Music*

A wonderful source for Drums and Percussion from around the world. Particulalry good for Doumbeks and Middle-easten percussion, Djembes and African Drums, accessories, and also a full range of Remo Drums & percussion. They even have bagpipes and flutes! *Formerly Mid-East Mfg/

Djembe Drums & Skins

Djembe Drums & Skins provides high quality rope tuned djembe and Dunun drums, drum tuning supplies and drum accessories at reasonable costs, for the love of drumming.

House of Musical Traditions

Wonderful Music Shop in Takoma Park, MD, just outside DC. Folk Instruments From Around the World Books & DVDs | Lessons & Workshops | Repairs | Instrument & Pro Audio Rentals. Carries a deep stock of hand drums and percussion from all over the world, widely regarded as having the biggest & best selection in the DC-metro area. Since 1972. Open 7 Days a week. Affliated with Mark H. Rooney Taiko (see below).

Lark in the Morning

Lark in the Morning has been selling musical instruments from around the world since 1974. They carry an stunning selection of instruments from around the world. Very good for Celtic and Irish, and unique and rare traditional instruments, books, CDs, DVDs and an online music library. Awesome!

Musical Gear & Audio Kit

Musician’s Friend

In addition to Drums and Percussion, Musician’s Friend carries a full range of instruments, Amps and Effects boxes, Keyboards, Pro Sound and PA Systems, Live sound and recording equipment, audio interfaces, pro and consumer gear with veru competitive prices. And always a honkin’ great Stupid Deal of the Day!

Places to Drum

Shenandoah Rhythm Jams

An active Network of Drummers, monthy Drum Circles, Classes, and Drum-positive events in the Shenandoah Valley - West Virginia Panhandle, Northern Virgina, Maryland, Central Pensylvania, DC region. Facilitated by Valley area drummers Tracy Seffers, Jona Masiya, and Kurt Griffith. On Facebook and Meetup.

COME & DRUM – Open Community Drum Circles
1st Mondays - Charles Town, WV, Black Dog Coffee.
1st Fridays, Berryville, VA, Turiya Yoga & Wellness
3rd Mondays - Berkeley Springs, WV, Black Cat Music Cooperative
Facebook Group:
On Meetup:

Drum 'N' Splash - An Alernative 4th of july

One of Four Quarters best kept secrets, Drum and Splash is simply a Very Good Time, and a great way to Celebrate an Alternative Nation’s Birthday with Family, Friends and Tribe, with no agenda other than to Drum all Night and Swim all Day, sharing a working vision of the possible through Community, Sustainability, and Personal Responsibility. An alternative idea of community and of the greatness of our nation, a modern day American Tribe of flourishing diversity and tolerance. A place that values family in all of its flavors and supports the family choices of each individual. Where, for a time, we can return to our human roots and take simple pleasure in simple things. Song and Dance. A swim in the river. The laughter of children. Sharing a meal under a spreading oak tree. For these are the things that are worth keeping close, and worth celebrating on this nation’s birthday.
Held at Four Quarters Interfaith in South-Central PA, every 4th of July Weekend. (under Events)

Cool Drummers

Kristen Arant - “The Drumlady”

Percussionist, vocalist, teaching artist and activist living and working in the Washington, DC. Region. Kristen studend in Ghana with her now husband Michael Kweku Owusu, founder of Drumming Up From Poverty, a Ghana-based NGO that helps street kids find meaningful work through drumming and drum-building. Kristen and Kweku began a small business called Drumming Empowerment LLC, and are now co-proprietors of Hands On Drums, a Pop-Up Store, Community Space, and Arts Empowerment initiative that celebrates and supports the work of Ghana craft makers while delivering hands-on drumming and arts experiences to uplift communities. Kristen has facilitated hundreds of drumming experiences over the past 20 years through her energetic, spontaneous style that combines deep technical and cultural learning with letting go, connecting with the authentic self and transforming negative emotions into joy and exuberance.
Kristen is the leader of the Bele Bele Rhythm Collective – an intergenerational sisterhood of the drum. You can find Kristen at schools, camps, churches, conferences, festivals, fundraisers and anywhere else she is called. She is a repeating favorite presenter and performer at Drum & Splash.

Ken Crampton

Ken is a delightful madman, basd in Fredricksburg, VA. Through his page - connect to his work as a Percussion focused Community Arts Facilitator In his own words - Explore, Create, Imagine, Share, Find your Mythos! Eyeclopes Studios - The Art of Ken Crampton, Community Art through the Audible, Visual and Performing Arts!, Everybody Drum – Community Drum Circles, Team Building, Holistic, Mind Body & Spirit, Sacred Drum, & Modern Mythic. Ken is a longtime presenter and organizer at Drum 'N' Splash, particulalry fond of creating creative family-friendly experiences.

Jaqui MacMillan – Drum For Joy!

“If you can say it, you can play it” … These are the famous words of Jaqui’s first drum teacher, Babatunde Olatunji, and also the foundation for all of her drum classes.
Jaqui discovered her passion for African drumming in the early 1980’s. Over a span of 15 years, she studied with many Masters, including Babatunde Olatunji, Mamady Keita, Sam Turner, Carlos Moore and Mahiri Fadjimba Keita at the Tam Tam Mandingue School in Washington, D.C. Having performed and recorded with some of the top names in the business, she began sharing her joy of drumming with others by teaching classes and facilitating community drum circles. Jaqui has taught privately and given workshops throughout the USA for over 25 years through her program, Drum For Joy!™

Taiko Stuff

Mark H. Taiko / Mark H. Rooney

Mark H Rooney – self-descrobed as “the world’s most dangerous half-Japanese/half-Scottish solo improvisational taiko artist – studies, performs, and teaches taiko, a dynamic form of full-body drumming based in Japanese tradition. ” Based in Takoma Park, Md, on the edge of DC, – essentially our closest regional Taiko resource – Mark teaches ongoing weekly classes, offer special workshops several times each year, and perform for a wide variety of audiences ranging from school children to diplomats. Organizes Miyako Taiko, and the annual spring Taiko festival, Sakura Taiko Takeover at the Tidal Basin.
See their Class and Events Calendar here

Taiko Source

An awesome starting point for learning more about Taiko. “TaikoSource is dedicated to the development of information resources about taiko performance, exploring the various mediums within which taiko drums are used.” Contains a vast spectrum of Taiko information and links to more even resources including a global map of Taiko Gorups.


KaDON is the one of the best availanble resources to learn taiko and fue online. Join our growing community for exclusive access to our online training library and learn from the best instructors in the world, including world-class players such as Kenny Endo and Karou Watanabe. Monthy and annual subscriptions. Also sells Taiko drums, gear, teaching aids, and equiment in their Online Taiko Store.

Asano Taiko–US

Asano Taiko U.S. is a full-service taiko (Japanese drum) facility located in Torrance, CA offering a walk-in store, on-site taiko maintenance and repair, and hands-on taiko classes. It is the North American offshoot of Ishikawa-based Japanese drum maker, Asano Taiko, founded in 1609, and now the largest drum maker in Japan. The company has been making a wide range of taiko drums, with all processes from the felling of the trees to the finishing touches done by hand.Asano Taiko U.S. is home to Los Angeles Taiko Institute (LATI), a full-time taiko school offering courses to both beginning and experienced players. Probably the world's best Taiko, truly magificent instruments, and challengely priced to match. Maybe get a sponsor!
Amazing Science Channel Video of the Asano Factory

Taiko Drums Hand Made In Colorado Since 2003, equsitely hand crafted from beginning to end. A bit more afforable than Japan-made.

MN Taiko

MN Taiko is comprised of local taiko artisans who hand construct quality taiko drums and accessories at an affordable price. All of MN Taiko, stands and accessories are quality, hand-made items offered at prices taiko lovers can afford. Taiko players making taiko ownership affordable. MN Taiko drums are used by taiko performers, schools and individuals.

Taiko Center Online Shop

Taiko center is a Kyoto-based Japanese musical instrument company, offering classes, performance and Taiko equipment for over 30 years. With lot of experiences to selling products internationally (more than 30 countries), if you're thinking about purchasing Japanese instruments and and extensive selectoion of Japanse clothing and taiko costumes, an excellent resoure! Note: Prices in Japanese yen.

Make Taiko Drums

Robert Crawford, Matthew Bruni, and Susan Bruni make Taiko Drums! They are members of Stockton Bukkyo Taiko who started the journey to make taiko drums in 2011. “We gained experience by making drums that were paid for by individual players and then for the group itself. The journey has brought us many opportunities to learn, sometimes from our mistakes! Together, we laugh and enjoy the drum making. Our friendship is the main reason we keep doing this.” Comprehesive drum making site with detailed instructions, .
Amazing Taiko build Video here.

Taiko Skin

A Taiko Blog about Everything that has Anything to do with Taiko Drums. Items on drum-making, drum-playing, repair and mantainance, even how to make a happi coat... Tons of stuff! Put together by Raiki Machida, “a guy living, traveling and performing with a Japanese taiko group (Ondekoza), finding time between practices and shows to post and ramble about things that are taiko.”

More STUFF to Come!