Instruction, Demonstrations, and helpful Drum Videos. Inspiring and amazing Videos of Drums in Performance. Enjoy!

We originally had them all on one page, be we have so many now that Kurt decided to split them into Demos and Performance Videos so the page would not have a huge load time.


Demos & Instructional Videos

Drum Performance Videos

Demos & Instructional Videos

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NEW! — Intro to Taiko Matsuri Daiko Demo
Introduction to the Taiko classic festival song Matsuri Daiko - for the Shangö Mountain Taiko Trainees. Edited down to just the the Demo Segment of Masturi Daiko without the World Percussion and background discussion from the Introduction to Taiko Livestream from April 2020 - pre-SMT content. Note: Unlisted Video. View on YouTube.

Drums in Performance

Featured Video

NEW! — Mark H Rooney Taiko School Styles Class at Sakura Taiko Fest 2024
Our first performance at STF 2024 featured students from the Mark H Rooney Taiko School! This video is of our Winter 2024 Naname Styles Class, which focused on learning "Matsuri," a collection of festival rhythms. Some students in the class started playing this challenging and dynamic style just 8 weeks before the performance!

Shangö Percussion YouTube Playlist

YouTube Channel where the Instructional Videos from our Videos Page are hosted. Includes all of Kurt’s Demos and a number of other helpful demos and and inspiring performances.

During the Covid-19 Emergency, Kurt had been streaming some Drum Stuff and posting tutorials to YouTube in place of our regular sessions, most of them are avaiable here to re-watch.

SamuraiArtGuy’s Shango Percussion YouTube Playlist