Sessions & Classes

Regular Monthly Schedule

Drumming in Berkeley Springs, WV

1st Monday @ 6:30
Shangös Gate, beginner's class
Requires RSVP to run.

2nd Monday @ 6:00
Shangö Percussion Core

3rd Monday @ 6:30
Come and Drum- Open Drum Circle
Sponsored by Shenandoah Rhythm Jams –  currently suspended.

4th Monday @ 6:00
Shangö Percussion Core

Please Email Us for more information or with any questions.

Corona Matsuri Project


Update – June 10, 2020 –Shangö Workshops, Classes, and Sessions are cautiously resuming.

While our groups are small, our folk tend to be  older drummers. The safety of our drum community is always our first priority. In the Meantime, please take all appropriate health precautions and practice good hygiene and steps to prevent illness as recommended by the CDC. We look forward to drumming together again soon! We miss you all! Drum safe! Ashé!

Learn Japanese Taiko Drumming! 

Taiko Workshops in Berkely Springs, WV

Soh Daiko performs Hachidan-uchi at East Coast Taiko Conference 2019.

Taiko are the amazing, impressive, and wonderfully powerful heartbeat drums of Japan. Taiko literally means “Big Drum,” but also refers to kumi-daiko, the ensemble group drumming growing in popularity over the last half century. Borrowing on thousands of years of tradition, taiko groups are now taking the style worldwide. Taiko promises to be the first native Japanese music to spread through the world. Taiko has been spreading in North America since its introduction in the 1960s by the “Father of North American Taiko,” Seiichi Tanaka. You may have seen Taiko performed at a Cherry Blossom Festival or an Asian Arts event, or seen the world-renowned Kodo, or the electrifying DrumTAO.

Shangö has been incorporating Taiko sound into our worldbeat jams for the past year, and it‘s been great fun! We’d like to share with you a taste of this powerful and expressive drum tradition. Shangö Taiko Player Kurt Griffith  has been facilitating the workshops.  He is very interested in cultivating more local Taiko players. More players, more fun, more DON!

Taiko Workshops

We periodically offer Taiko Workshops in Berkley Springs. Kurt is considering offering a semi-regular drop-in sessions. Let us know if you would be interested.

We have been introducing the fundamentals of playing taiko in the naname-uchi style, the basics of the “Say it-Play it” Kuchishoga mnemonic system for learning rhythm patterns, and basic and classic taiko songs. Loose comfortable clothing suitable for stretching and movement reccomended. If you have a drum of any kind, feel free to bring it along! it will add to the rich mix!   

Stay tuned, or drop us an emailto R.S.V.P., for more information, or just to get a head's up! – DON tsuku Don Don!

Taiko Basics PDF
Basics of Playing Taiko, Taiko Glossary, the taiko kuchishogo mnemonic system, a practice rhythm exercise, Renshu, Miyake, & Ni-Yon Matsuri Daiko.
Download/View PDF

View the Livestream Session from March 29 on YouTube
This was something of an experiemnt in simulcasting, and just the barest TASTE of the taiko world, but here for your amuesment and edification.

If you want to learn more about Taiko, Visit our Taiko Page

Shangö’s small 17" Eisa-Odaiko and his “Big Brother”, an 24" Okinawan Nagado Chu-Daiko.

if you are interested in additional workshops or regular classes in this dynamic and expressive Japanese Drumming, please contact us.

Shangö is also currently open to new members, so if you can rock the beat, and are willing to study and learn, come on down to a session and check us out, or try out a Beginners Class!

About the Venue - Black Cat Music Cooperative

Black Cat Music Cooperative and Black Cat Music Shop are wonderful musical resources here in Berkley Springs.

Black Cat Music Cooperative offers music classes, personal instrument instruction, mentoring and performance opportunities to young people in a safe, nurturing environment where they can develop and express their personal creativity. We have an active outreach that fosters mutually supporting relationships with other non-profit and volunteer organizations.

Call for more information: 304-500-2696 | Visit Black Cat Music Cooprerative

Black Cat is offering their space, on a rental/donation basis, so donations for our sessions there are respectfully requested and very much appreciated!

Black Cat also hosts our Beginners Drum Class with Kurt on First Mondays, and Come and Drum!, open Drum Circle with Tracy Seffers on the Third Monday! Check it out at Shenandoah Rhythm Jams! It‘s a good time, get a dose!

The Black Cat Music Cooperative and Black Cat Music Shop are located at 155 Independence St., Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 A block off of Rt 522, on the intersection of Mercer and Independence streets, the next block over from the Morgan Arts Council Ice House, across the street from The Granary. Nice neighborhood!