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Welcome to Shangö Percussion. This is just the barest beginning of a paint-still-wet web site. Since we’re an amateur not-for-profit, we’ll be builiding this page/site in our Member’s Free time. So stay tuned, and we’ll be adding information and content over time.

But we can tell you that we love the drum and we love drumming! We hope you do too!

About Shangö

Shangö Percussion is an amateur, intercultural group of drummers based in Berkeley Springs, VW, who pursue the serentity and life-affiring energy of the Drum. We study and perform Traditional African, Middle Eastern, and Worldbeat Rthymns and conjure some of our own original compsitions. Our Members have made a commitment to learn and study these traditions, explore the potential of the Drum, and integrate rthymn into our lives and community. We also have a lot of fun!

Like all websites, this is a work in progress. This page was first conceived as a respository for Shangö documents and recordings, over time we've been gradually adding content.

Please Feel free to explore some audio recordings of our rthymns, study documents, and drumming videos, and persue information about our practice sessions and classes.


Why Shangö?

Who is Shangö

Shangö (also spelled, Shangó, Changó, Ṣango, or Xango) is one of the most popular orishas in Santeria and is the king of the Santeria religion on earth. He is derived from the Youruba religion of West Africa. Chango is the orisha of drumming, dancing, thunder, fire, male virility, and leadership. He was once a living king on earth as the fourth Alafin of Oyó in Yoruba land. He is known for enjoying in revelry, drinking, eating, having many female lovers and being a skillful dancer and drummer. He wields the double headed axe, the Oshe, as his favorite weapon. Chango teaches us to live a full life, enjoying all it has to offer, while at the same time cultivating diplomacy and royal grace.

Shangö is a great warrior, the Orisha of justice, the dance, the viril force, the thunderclaps, the rays and the fire, owner of the drums Wemileres, Ilú Batá or Bembés, of the dance and music; he represents the necessity and the joy to live, the intensity of the life, the masculine beauty, the passion, intelligence and the wealth.

Shangö appeals to and is celebrated by drummers due to his association with thunder, lightning, music, dance and the Drum. His symbol, the Oshe the double headed axe, is part of his headress in our logo.

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If you can walk, you can dance.
If you can talk, you can sing.
If you have a heartbeat, you can drum.